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In 2003 I got a stuck in a rut, personally. I was lacking motivation and realized I didn't have much of a life outside my office. So, what better way to get inspired than to call in support? I contacted 14 of my friends and acquaintance and organized a little networking cocktail hour. I was looking for other women who own businesses to get feedback, support and networking contacts. What happened is that we all needed each other more than I thought. So, a year and half later, Network is up to 210 creative, savvy, fabulous women (most of whom own businesses). I am so grateful to know them and see them getting inspired and connected that I just can't stop.

We meet once a month for networking. Events cover everything from lectures like Dressing for Success, food or wine tastings, group critiques on products or just plain cocktail time.

What are the best/worst things about running a business in SF?
The best thing about running a business in SF is the clients. We have some of the best services, products and industries here, not to mention the great people I keep meeting. Just love designing for people and companies I believe in.

The worst, our swing economy. Crashing always hurts more as a grownup. Farther to go before you hit the ground than when we were kids.