This might get us in a bit of trouble, but we actually like the Chron's token conservative columnist Debra Saunders. Yes, we don't usually agree with her, but we like the fact that she has the intellectual integrity to call foul on her own side when she disagrees with them. Frankly, our political discourse would be a whole lot better if pundits didn't just repeat the party line. Every once in awhile, however, Debra grabs a big bucket of popcorn, a pen and paper, and plays Jan Wahl. Which is fine, we've played movie critic a few times too. Except that when she does, the usually intelligent Saunders smokes whatever stuff Anne Coulter does and goes on some liberal conspiracy tirade, seeing liberal propaganda in the least political of movies.

On Monday, she posted her review of . Where everyone else saw an intense, occasionally scary, dumb-ass Hollywood summer flick starring a rapidly unraveling superstar, she saw nothing but pacifist messages, anti-Americanism, and, even worse, anti-gun bigotry. Her problem with the movie? The humans just run. And run some more and don't fight back, unlike in that patriotic, uplifting Independence Day. And we quote:

"If there is a theme to...War of the Worlds, it is not that the human spirit has the courage that justifies human survival. Or that American know-how and grit can defeat invaders, even when the situation seems impossible. No, it is more like: If aliens invade, don't fight back. Run."

Steven Spielberg, why do you hate America?

War of the Worlds