For the last couple of weeks, Stage Fog has been rather thematic, which makes for a nice, tight column. But sometimes we just want variety. Mix those peas and carrots! Besides, the Shakespeare season doesn't start in earnest until mid-July, so let's sample the buffet in the meantime.

at Magic Theatre
Kids of famous parents, especially in show biz, know that it's really hard to live up to their famous names. Marga Gomez knows this. While her parents were well-known in the 1960s as a comedian and a belly dancer, Gomez's major Hollywood break was a part in Barry Levinson's forgettable film, Sphere. Obviously, she wasn't going to be the next Sigourney Weaver. But, if you haven't heard of Marga Gomez by now, you should have. This Latina lesbian comedienne is hot hot hot, packing houses across the country with her wicked stand-up and solo shows. Los Big Names,, a skewering tribute to her parents and Hollywood, was workshopped right here in SF at the Marsh on Valencia Street before its world premiere in DC. Now, she returns to the city for the West Coast premiere, opening Friday night.

Los Big Names