Color of America? Red, white, blue! Color of the Giants? Orange! Color of San Francisco? Hot Pink! Wearing a Unitard! Way back when SFist self-interviewed, we shared a special San Francisco moment that has been repeated many a happy time since. Walking down the street we hear a happy chirping noise and then spot a man wearing a hot pink unitard and riding a unicycle, flapping his hands and exhorting people to be happy. Trust us, there is absolutely no better introduction for out of towners than to have a Pink Man spotting, and then to point out that no one else is even staring at him. We love this town!

We’re proud to say that we’ve finally managed to track down Pink Man! Next time you see him out pinking, you’ll know he is the friendliest unicycle rider out there. He’d probably even be willing to pose for pictures, just the thing to send to the folks back at home!

Why the Unitard?
I thought it would be a great base for a funky spaceman costume.

Why Pink?
It was the brightest color they had.

Why the Unicycle?
Why walk when you can fly?

Best interaction you've had with someone while dressed up?
So many. Uh, one night in Santa Monica a women called out "Pink Man I love you!" She gave me a nice warm, consequently embarrassing hug- (skin tight suit) and a Hundred dollar bill.

Worst interaction you've had while dressed up
Drive-by punch in the head in Beverly Hills.

Best location for riding a unicycle
Flat. 73 degrees. Friendly people.

Had a Pink Man sighting? Share it in the comments.