Ace public relations director Kirk Reynolds, pictured in the photo still of the video, created it and stars in it. Surprisingly, he is now currently looking for a new job and for the life of us, we can't understand how a PR guy who films himself cavorting with topless dancers at the Mitchell Brothers for a training video would have problems landing a job. The video was shown to players at the start of the season to help give them tips on handling the media, a tricky feat in a diverse, extremely tolerant city where any whiff of intolerance can get you in all sorts of trouble. Thus a skit making fun of Chinese people's accents. Says Reynolds right before he gives a group hug to three topless dancers: "what you do is not only a reflection of yourself. It's a reflection of the San Francisco 49ers." We'll let you read the play-by-play action in Matier & Ross’ column, which includes the juicy inner-office conspiracy theories surrounding it's mysterious appearance at the Chron. Or, hell, you can just check out the video here (it comes with it's own warning!). Suffice it to say, the Niners have a bit of an embarrassment on their hands. The Gavster, the man who is supposed to push through new stadium funding, is not amused, especially since he unwittingly let Reynolds use his office to shoot part of the video. As for the Niners, a press conference will be held today to give it the usual spin. We're guessing Reynolds will not do the PR for it.