Maybe it's because we're back to work after a long weekend, but SFist has taken to getting nostalgic for those glory days of yore- last week. Ahh, last week, what a week that was- Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl" was climbing the charts, all of TV nation was breathlessly awaiting the season finale of "Lost" in hopes that a lot of questions will be answered, and the Giants were rolling. Good times, good times. But that was then and this is now and as Diamond David Lee once sang, channeling the great Ray Davies before him, "where have all the good times gone?"

When we last posted, the Giants had taken two from the A's and won the first game of a three game stand against the Dodgers. After one more victory against LA, the Giants played a tight, close game on Thursday only to have the bullpen come in and blow it. Then on Friday, the Giants played another tight, close game only to have the bullpen come in and blow it. And on Saturday they played another tight, close game only to have the, well, you get the point. After starting the home stand so well and making people think that they might be able to start making some noise, the rest of the home stand turned into a total disaster as they were swept by the division leading, so hot right now, Padres. Your main culprit in the blowouts? Closer du jour Tyler Walker who gave up big hits seemingly every damn night.

Image of Omar Vizquel expressing his dismay that the hatch on "Lost" was finally opened only to reveal a long tunnel from SFGate.