The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights slammed the ads and has asked Arnold to return the money he received from the advertisers. You can also bet dollars to doughnuts, whatever that means, that somebody is going to point out that, it kind of, sort of, looks bad for a Governor to be shilling junk food, especially one who was Mr. Universe, ran the President's Council on Physical Fitness, and has vowed to get California kids off junk food. As for the inherent cheesiness, plain ole lameness, and possible illegal-ness of using his political ads to also hawk products, we actually give Arnie a tip of the hat here for being, well, honest. After all, almost every politician is bought and sold in some way, Arnie is just being truthful about who owns his ass. When it comes down to it, there's really not that much difference between shilling for businesses in politics and shilling for businesses in ads. Total truth-in-advertising.

Video still from the Governor's office.