It seems that Harmon's piece, "My Dinner At Applebee's With White Supremacists" (linke to in We Read the Weeklies the following Thursday) was retooled for the Sacramento News and Review as "My dinner with the white supremacists" -- a fairly common practice for freelance writers, so that they can get two paychecks for pretty much the same piece. Russell is sympathetic to the needs of a freelance writer, but accuses the News and Review of implying that Harmon wrote the article for them originally, and played with the facts to make it seem like the piece was done in response to the recent flyering of Sacramento neighborhoods by the National Alliance (Warning: racist wing-nuts are hopefully NSFW), when the original piece was written before but published shortly after the flyering took place. After the jump: Harmon, Russell and News and Review Editor Tom Walsh give their sides of the story.


Ed. Note: At the request of Mark at IndyBay, we've revised the story to reflect that Russell was acting on his own behalf, as IndyBay allows anyone to publish, and therefore Russell was not writing on their behalf.