Just when you were starting to worry that The Castro Theater might've gone all ex-gay, along comes Frameline 29, the 29th annual San Francisco International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Film Festival, or SFILGBTFF (pronounced sifil-gib-tiff). Let's just call it Frameline. Anyway, it's easy for patrons of the homo-arts (and for cheapskates like us) to support this noble endeavor and see a bunch of free movies: just donate a bit of your time to ushering, or ticket-taking, or t-shirt-selling. We volunteered last year and had a blast, and all our friends were sooooo impressed when opened last month and we were already so over it because we'd seen it, like, a whole YEAR ago, and besides we liked Straight Jacket much better. Show up at one of the two volunteer sign-up/orientation meetings on May 25th or June 2nd at 7pm at the gay center; try to make it to the May 25th one if you want the best pick of show assignments. The festival goes live from June 16 to 26th.

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