Awesome news for clued-in geeks like SFist Jackson: according to the Psychonauts forum, there's going to be a "PSI Recruitment Seminar" at EB Games from 11am to 1pm. And you know that that means: marketing gimmicks! Free schwag! Trivia games! Maybe even some girls! A perfect opportunity to snatch up a game that you were ultimately going to buy anyway, because everyone's going to be talking about it, and you like to fit in, which is why you bought those spats.
And you never know; since the game's creator, Tim Schafer (the guy behind such hallowed titles as Grim Fandango and Monkey Island and Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle and so forth), LIVES in SF, maybe maybe maybe he'll even pop by the store. Not like anyone knows what he looks like. Especially since the helicoper accident.
Update: a tipster informs us that Tim will not, in fact, be in attendance. But we'll be there, and maybe we'll claim to be him.

The marketing buffet opens at 11am at EB Games, 151 Powell St. in SF, on April 30.