We rant and we rave, but the fact is, SFist is stuck for local transport without Muni. Even if we had a car, where the hell would we park it? So when we hear that to close that good 'ol $57 million budget gap, the folks over at Muni not only want to raise the fare, but cut service to boot, our mood gets decidedly rant-y. Mid-day service, Owl service, Metro service -- you name it, it's going to get slashed like your ex's tires.

Friend of SFist Jamison has put together let us know about the "Muni RAGE!" tribe in order to organize and keep folks informed. Current project? Emailing your representative on the Board of Supervisors to shake your voting fist at them if they approve the cuts. Hell, email the whole board and the mayor while you're at it. Since SFist is all about helping you, copy and paste the following into your 'To:' field and let her 'rip.

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