We complain about MUNI all the time, and we're not about to take it back. But like all great passionate affairs, our hate, anger, frustration, and disappointment is tempered by deep love, like the love we have for the N Judah, which we ride from almost end-to-end every weekday morning.

For 45 minutes we get to read, listen to music, or just stare out the window as the N takes us through the Sunset , past UCSF, and through the subway. And then there's the moment we emerge from the subway onto the Embarcadero, when Cupid's Span, the Bay Bridge, and the East Bay are laid out to our left, a gorgeous sight that takes our breath away every time.

We bitch about our reliance on public transportation and we're right to, but when it works it really works, and we love being independent from the tyranny of parking every workday. When this is compounded by a good book and that glorious view, it makes going to work (almost) bearable.

Photograph by Karl Petzke

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