In the interest of full disclosure, SFist Ted, our new weatherman, also happens to be Dogster Ted. And while we've harshed on the Webby Awards only just recently, we're still proud. You can register to vote for them to win the "People's Choice Award" in their category, "Community" -- and as Ted points out, they don't seem to be too picky in letting you use as many emails as you like to register again and again (not that the stringent ethical guidelines at SFist would allow us to do that).

In a quick look through the nominees (where they've done the trouble of linking that we haven't), we recognized a bunch of other Bay Area concerns nominated. Here's our quick rundown in hott bulleted-list format:

  • Banking: E*Trade Financial (the outsourcing bastards)
  • Writing: McSweeney's, Mother Jones
  • Navigation and Best Practices: Google
  • Blog: Flickr (hey, they're part of Yahoo now)
  • Consumer Electronics: CNET and CNET Digital Living
  • Education: Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Employment: Yahoo! Hotjobs
  • Financial Services: E*Trade, PayPal
  • Food and Beverage: Bonnydoon Vineyards
  • IT Hardware/Software: ZDNet,
  • News: Wired News
  • Magazine: Alternet (huh?)
  • Politics: KQED's "You Decide," Mother Jones
  • Real Estate: Rows at SOMA
  • Schools: Cal Berkeley's Landscape Heritage Plan
  • Retail: Cafepress (go buy some schwag)
  • Sports: Mavericks Surf Contest