Our favorite Bay Area funnyblogger and jazz musician, Ian over at Wrapped Up Like A Douche, is staging a pledge drive -- kind of like fellow funnyman Jerry Lewis. Except instead of exploiting sick kids for ratings fighting muscular dystrophy, Ian wants to support UNICEF's efforts help the victims of the Tsunami disaster. Which, as you know, is something that we wholeheartedly support.

But there is an intriguiging twist. Because instead of miles jogged, or words blogged, it's search terms logged. And not just any search terms. You can pledge one cent or more for every time between now and the end of the month that somebody clicks through to WULAD from a search on the string "Paris Hilton's Crotch" or, new this year, "Joe Rogan Shirtless" (that one's for the ladies). You can even cap your pledge so that, as Ian says, "you won't be in the poorhouse if I get picked up by Fark.com or something." Considering that SFist logged "paris hilton vagina" 29 times means that Ian could be well on his way of besting his previous pledge drive's total of $35.03. Heed the words of WULAD: "[P]ut on your "Think Globally, Crotch Locally" buttons and send your pledges today."

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