And for those of you wondering just what Glenn writes about on his blog, it's what every other blogger is- Britney pregnancy rumours and are the Killers merely cool or way cool. No, we jest. Glenn's doing what he always does, writing well-written columns about Bay Area sports. In fact, it's almost as if he never stopped writing his column- he's still got that weird beard. While SFist didn’t agree with Dickey sometimes, or more like a lot of times (we're still mad at him for playing doomsayer during the Giants ultimately heart-breaking '93 pennant race), we always liked reading his columns. He was always opinionated, always intelligent, and always took the contrarian road. We like contrarians. Plus, he's one of the few sports columnists out there who do those quaint things like reporting and research and don't just preen for TV. Welcome to the internets, Glenn.