Anyone who reads our weekly movie posts knows that SFist loves the fantastic side of cinema. Give us a werewolf, serial killer, and a box of Red Vines and you'll see an all-to-rare smile cross our face.

So we'll be smiling pretty big this week, with tonight's opening of the Fearless Tales Genre Festival (warning: painfully slow-to-load site) at the Victoria (16th Street just east of Mission) and the Castro. An intriguing mix of old and new films, this Chron article points out that among the 40+ films beng screened, several local filmmakers will be represented, including Malcolm Sherwood's , Sirens of the 23rd Century, and Alex Woo's animated short Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher.

In addition to all this Bay Area goodness, the Fest will play host to a number of special guests, including the great John Landis, who will be at the Castro this Friday to receive the Fearless Vision award, as well as to give us a "piece of his mind" between screenings of mafia/vampire bloodbath Innocent Blood and his classic An American Werewolf in London.

The Festival runs from tonight through Saturday, see the site (did we mention that the site is very slow to load? Yeah, be patient) for all shows and details.

Image from Sirens of the 23rd Century. Additional reporting done by SFist Rita.

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