Feel free to make your own "there isn't any there there" jokes; we here at SFist try to avoid cheap shots at our sprawling stepsister to the south. San Jose is the eleventh-largest city in America (click on it; it's wild), and we guess that's cool.  The self-proclaimed capitol city of Silicon Valley would have the highest median income of any MLB city, and we guess that's cool, too, because we know the dot-commers in the expensive seats can really make or break the ballpark experience. We do remember when another Oakland-based team played a season in San Jose, though, and we have to wonder if Mayor Gonzalez does, because it sucked.  The Warriors sucked, which we can't blame on San Jose, but traffic sucked too, and so did parking, and we checked, and BART still doesn't run to San Jose.

SFist Jake, contributing.