Hugh Dillon is back, as obnoxious late-night talk show host Bobby Tomahawk who interviews/taunts (intertaunts? We're just making up words here all over the place) Gillian Guess - a juror who slept with the defendant of the trial she was on. Gillian Guess is a real person - we remember the story from our time in the motherland - but very little about this movie is real, more like surreal. As it examines some of the events in Gillian's life that make her hunger for attention the movie uses comic book sound effects, animation, and musical numbers to get at the heart, and into the panties, of Gillian's motives.

Despite our blind love for McDonald, we need to be straight about this one - it's not linear, it's at best wacky and at times kind of annoying and the pacing is all over the place. If any of those things drive you mad, then this movie is probably not for you. But we really liked it because it takes chances and McDonald's used whatever techniques he needs to to advance his plot and his point.

The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess has one more screening Monday the 7th at 5pm.


Photo from Spitfire Films