Every year, Al somehow manages to pull money out of nowhere and sign some splashy free agent. Some work (Rich Gannon), some don’t (Warren Sapp). This despite obstacles that a certain owner on the other side of the Bay faces too, mainly an antiquated stadium with no cash-cow luxury boxes to milk. Yet unlike that certain owner, Davis has never shied away from spending money. Of course, one could argue that a team that’s won nine games over the past two years might find better ways of spending their money, but still, you gotta hand it to Al, the dude does want to win. Your 2005-2006 Oakland Raiders may still have a porous defense, but if you’re going to lose, lose in style, and nothing loses in style quite like 45-42 shootouts. Why, it’s almost enough to make on think about hanging out in the Raider Parking Lot.