We here at SFist don't want to get ourselves in the middle of anything (ha!), but we can't help but think of our favorite recently single public figure, The Mayor Himself (we love to look at the SFist link on his site -- makes us all warm and cosy inside). Dig if you will this picture: Britney and Gavin, sittin' in a tree, not just K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but dining out, attending EssEff events, and using our fine public toilets (seriously, Brit, you'll wanna wear shoes in that one).

The idea of the romantic union of Fragrance designer Britney and Bloomberg basher Gavin is making us smile even now, a far cry from the grimace we don when thinking about Britney's current consort. We hope that the both of them will give this notion of power-couplehood the consideration it deserves - all we ask is that we're invited to the wedding!

Potentially criminal alteration of Dewey Hicks's photo by SFist