So the left-wing bloggers, with Berkeley’s own Daily Kos leading the way, did some digging. They found out that Talon News Service is pretty much a house organ of the Republican Party and not a legitimate news company. It also turns out that most of his questions were right out of Republican Talking Points. What, the White House planting some fake reporter to ask easy questions to help the President? This White House? They never manage stage events, lie to the press, or pay reporters to say things. Don’t you know the President loves Freedom? Anyhoo, some more digging was done and some other things were discovered about Mr. Gannon. Things like he had no experience as a journalist. Or that somehow this guy was one of a few people who were handed the oh-so-secret Valerie Plame CIA memo that caused such a raucous way back when. Oh, and that the guy might also be running a gay porn Web site and possible gay escort service.