DCist forwarded us an article from Roll Call (paid subscription required) entitled "Q: Where Is Nancy Pelosi Not a San Francisco Liberal? A: San Francisco." We love it when DC politics realizes that, like, there's a whole country out there! Really! And it's full of constituents! Not all of whom like their elected representatives!

Of course, this information is basically a re-hash of the same arguments surrounding her accension to House Minority Leader. San Franciscans are politically savvy enough to know that regardless of the woman's politics, as House Minority Leader she can back the truck over the Bay Bridge and start loading it up with pork. The politically gerrymandered downtown subway project? Done. Voting Rights Act slush fund for Kevin Shelley? Done. A nice piece of the Homeland Security spending pie to protect our bridges? Done, until Bloomberg whined.

Of course the choice quotes are from everyone's favorite political machinist John Burton:

Other Pelosi friends bluntly rejected the suggestion that there is any discontent brewing. Except for the “f--king Bay Guardian,” Burton said, “everyone in the district seems pretty happy with her.”
Asked whether Pelosi was a true San Francisco liberal, Burton rejected the suggestion, but not because she isn’t liberal enough to merit the moniker.

He said the term was first invented at the “[GOP] convention in 1984,” where Jeanne Kirkpatrick used “San Francisco Democrats” to describe the party’s left wing. The appellation, he said, was likely aimed at slurring the city’s gay inhabitants.

“There’s no such goddamn thing as a San Francisco liberal,” Burton added.

Stand up for your Pac Heights protege, John!

Photo from Pelosi's appearance on Meet the Press.