If Giants fans are looking a little more nervous these days than they already were, it’s because it was reported today that on Monday, Barry Bonds went in for his second knee surgery of the off-season. The first one, on his left knee, was right at the end of last season; this one was on his right knee. Both were for "minor arthritis cleanup" and to repair a small cartilage tear. Ouch! The Barrisimo is expected to take six weeks to fully recover and won’t be at full health until the start of the season. As a result, he is expected to miss about a third of spring training. Considering Barry has often complained about the length of a month-long pre-season, one does have to go…hmmm. In fact, he’s not the only player to have postponed surgery so as to miss parts of either a long season or pre-season. There is some concern, however, in that we are talking about a 40-year-old man with two bum knees and a team wholly dependent on his so-far-capable shoulders. The deck of cards Brian Sabaen has once again concocted is only a significant Barry-injury away from falling apart like Ashlee Simpson's singing career.

As this is the brave, post-BALCO world, however, the situation is a bit more complicated than normal. If he has trouble recovering, there will be murmurings that (aha!) it was the steroids that were responsible for his rapid recovery in the past. This despite the fact that he’s 40 years old, and most 40-year-olds have difficulty recovering from even the slightest injury. Even the fact that the surgery is taking place now, so as to have him miss some spring training, is bringing some whisperings as people are speculating that it’s being done so he has more time to avoid all those pesky steroid related questions.

Whatever. All we can say is get well soon, Barry.