This is sort of like if the native Americans in Mission Bay had noted on their blog Ohlonist in 1776 that some crazy dude named Junipero Serra was having a party for his gang of buddies who called themselves "Catholics," but we feel obliged to announce that the Gawker Media juggernaut has boldly set foot on the frontier outpost that is San Francisco de Asis.

New Gawker site Gridskipper will be covering "urban travel," or, in other words, providing reviews of various attractions in cities across the globe -- including SFist land. While they've only got reviews of hotels, the Columbus Cafe, and the Lusty Lady for now, how long will it be before they start covering topics like caffeine, bars, local music, and our hott mayor?

Well, readers! Will our beloved publisher open the can of cityblog whoopass on Gothamist alum and Gridskipper editor Andrew Krucoff? What will our sibling -ist blogs do? (What, no gridskipping for Chicago or Toronto?) Tune in next week, on As The Blog Turns.

Picture of Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton from