Remember the nineties? Back when nobody knew Scott Weiland was a big junkie, but wondered why every single that Stone Temple Pilots came out with sounded like a song recorded by Nirvana or Pearl Jam? When the Internet was going to change the world for, the, uh, better? When Microsoft Windows was actually a useful operating system, and our major worry was whether or not Bill Clinton could keep his penis out of the mouths of interns?

Well another thing was happening in the nineties right here in our own back yard. There was a small crew of mostly Chicago expats holed up in a SOMA office producing an endearingly snarky and admittedly trivial magazine about to be a member of Generation X. One of those Chicago expats managed to write a book about his tragic life raising a brother and producing said magazine that you may have heard of. With the money, he went and founded a local writers workshop and boutique publishing concern. That publishing concern now has copies of the magazine that started it all on sale for 10 dollars. We just might buy one.

Link from one of our guilty pleasures, Lindsayism.

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