Killer ocean views and Diego Rivera? Sounds like a dreamy vacation in Mexico, no? Well, actually no. Climb up the hill above Bimbo's 365 Club to the San Francisco Art Institute, and you'll find the magic combo. For free.

What gives? In 1931 Diego painted a mural in the the building that houses the Art Institute. If you can stop gaping at the mural (which domintates an entire wall of the space) you can also check out an ever-changing showing of local artists. SFist was particularly impressed by the current selection featuring Casey Smith, Ryan Jones, Dan Farnum. Make sure you check out Casey's drawings and his manifesto. We think Diego would like the idea of an manifesto sharing the space with his mural. Head up on your lunch break, or before your next night out in North Beach.

800 Chestnut Street
Open daily, 9 am - 9 pm