While losing to the Shaq-led Miami Heat 98-91 isn't that much of an embarrassment, it being the Warriors' seventh loss in a row is. It's especially disappointing in that not to long ago, back in those halcyon days of late 2004, the Warriors had gone on a four-game winning streak and were making people think that maybe Chris Mullin knew what he was doing. Considering that at that point, the Warriors were about to go play a bunch of lesser-lights in the lesser-light Eastern Conference (the Joey Fatone Conference to the Western Conference's Justin Timberlake), people were even getting gosh darn excited about the Warriors' chances. Those were the days. Even worse is that in three out of the seven games in the losing streak, the Warriors actually were close at half-time, only to come out of the locker-room so refreshed and energized that they were blown out the moment the horn started.

It's starting to look like yet another dreary season in Warrior-land, although any season has to be considered good if nobody gets strangled. This season, however, has had its moments of fun-filled hilarity. Like how, in the ultimate sign of disrespect, the Heat sat down star player Dwyane Wade because he was a little banged up before the game -- the third time a team sat its star down to recover while playing the Warriors. The Warriors have also lost their long-time fan, "the Heckler," known throughout the league for his love of spending upwards of $500 a seat to yell at opposing players. Feeling disrespected by management because they wanted to add seats to his little perch, "the Heckler" handed in his tickets and vowed never to heckle again. But none of that, could top perhaps the ultimate indignity of the season -- that the actual defeat at the hands of the Warriors cost the then-coach of the Denver Nuggets his job. Ouch.

Image courtesy SFGate