Yes, you're seeing what you think you're seeing -- the trademark white earbuds of the iPod sprouting from the head of our President. All the better to block out the sound of Iyad Allawi's cries to delay the elections in Iraq! Photo from a series on the private life of President Bush by Christopher Morris, link via the fine folks at Engadget.

But even a tacit endorsement by the POTUS isn't enough to quell the hype surrounding Steve Job's keynote address and product announcements tomorrow. Also via Engadget, two eagle-eyed Italians on a sacred pilgrimmage to the Moscone Center may have have spotted billboards being put up announcing the new flash-based iPod that everyone says isn't going to happen. Also in the realm of possible hoaxes, this may or may not be video of the new headless iMac/Media Center from Apple (via Cult of Mac). So. Much. Unverifiable. Buzz. All the more reason to attend the MacWorld Blogger lunch.

But it looks like that buzz is going to remain unverified as long as possible. ninme points us to, who are here in SF in order to blog Steve's keynote address live. Problem is, there are reports that Apple has asked media organizations not to post anything until 10:30am PST, after the speech, and may have snoops lurking in the audience to catch people in the act of blogging. They've also chosen to delay the stream of the speech, which used to be webcast live. The folks at have pledged to blog via bluetooth phones hidden in their pockets if necessary. We are in Gizmodo's camp -- Apple can get as sue-happy as they want, but it's not going to stop people from publishing their secrets.