SFist knows how it goes. You have good intentions. You write little sticky notes like "Floss every day" and "Go to the gym 3x a week" and "Call Mom more" and stick them to the bathroom mirror, determined that this year you will absolutely do all of these things. And, maybe, you also write one for "Volunteer... somewhere". All good things. Good intentions.

That's where One Brick comes in. One Brick maintains a calendar of volunteer opportunities, usually just a few hours long, where you can just show up and pitch in. There's no training required and no ongoing committment to be made. You can try a few different things and maybe you'll stumble onto an organization you do want to work with more - or maybe you just get a few meaningful hours under your belt when you can.

And best of all, One Brick makes these social events. So you can meet new people and have some fun - going out before or after the event. That could mean you get to take another sticky note down (Make new friends) by the end of the year as well.

Most events require you to RSVP on the event details page, so take a look at your schedule for the next couple of months and put aside some time to do some good.