Like SFist Emily, I'm bad at lists. So I'm just going to relish the chance to write in the first person singular for a moment and break down the highlights and lowlights of the year for me, in no particular order:

Best Moment of the Year My Life: Getting married

Bravest Mayor/Person Most Wrongly Accused of Losing the Democrats the Presidential Election: Gavin Newsom

Senator Who Actually Should Take the Blame: John Kerry

Worst Trial Outcome: Gwen Araujo's murder mistrial. Seriously, if we're going to get worked up over a trial, let's get worked up over this one.

Best Play(s): , episodes 1-3, at Impact Theatre

Favorite Book(s) Published in 2004: The Complete Peanuts series

Best Posthumous Album Release of the Year: Elliott Smith's Songs from a Basement on the Hill

A Few 2004 Movies I Liked: There were no movies that I flat-out loved, so here are a few I thought were decent: The Bourne Supremacy (the first one was better, though), Collateral, and The Incredibles

2004 Movies I Still Haven't Seen But Will Make an Effort To: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Maria Full of Grace, and Ocean's Twelve

Best Website Redesign: Coudal Partners

Best New Web Design Technology: sIFR

Sport Nobody Notices Isn't Being Played: Professional Hockey

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