Andrew Krucoff, who used to be Mr. Intervista at Gothamist, apparently has a fetish for Berkeley punk. Hence he's gone and provided the innerweb with free downloads of this sweet compilation tape [Thanks, BoingBoing].

Breeders will know that they can't possibly keep up with the coolness factor of their tweeners. So it's all about CDRs, a faster internet connection and legal counsel. A trip to Amoeba or Rasputin for blank media and mashup equipment may be just what your ten-year-old is probably looking for. We present this website from 2003, which made us nearly fall out of our chair way back before blogs could fire news anchors.

If you'd rather stick it to The Man by legally supporting local businesses, then just spend some time shopping on Telegraph Avenue. Dodge the hippies and frat kids up near campus and drop in on Mars Mercantile, which Your Waitress was kind enough to take the above photo of. You can also see if Comic Relief is still around, since they could sure use the business. Or keep heading south if you want to pick up movies, trinkets and exotica from Telegraph's Korean, African and Middle Eastern merchants. Shop around the world on a walk from the Downtown Berkeley BART to the MacArthur BART!