Speaking of yule logs, did you know that you can order the Yule Log on DVD? Isn’t that all kinds of awesome? We would make jokes about all the extras that come with it- director commentary, alternate tracks, etc.- but somebody already beat us to it. The yule log DVD is 90 minutes long and features your choice of two different fireplaces that are looped to play continuously. What more could you want for your Christmas? But fret not, for those slackers out there who have yet to buy presents for everyone or for people just looking for DVDs to watch with the family when everyone's run out of things to talk about and there's nothing left to do but watch tv and get schnockered on nog, there's still plenty of selections out there. With just a few days left before Christmas, there are some actually really good titles being released this week.

Such as….

Napoleon Dynamite- The movie is almost too quirky for its own good and so dead-pan it almost feels like it's not supposed to be funny, but it is. There's no real plot to this movie other than showing life in a small Idaho town, but it features one of the most original creations in recent film-making, Jon Heder's Napoleon Dynamite. In our own twisted little world, Heder -- who'll probably never do anything ever again only because it's as if he was put on this world to play the role -- will get an Academy Award nomination and maybe even win, but we know that will never happen. The DVD extras include the original short film that Napoleon is based on and deleted scenes, including a kickball scene (!)

Shaun of the Dead- Frankly, we were a bit underwhelmed about this movie, probably because we were expecting so much from it. We thought it more clever than funny, but still, it's a pretty good movie. How could you not like a slacker zombie flick? DVD includes outtakes, extended scenes of the TV shows the characters watch (including an interview with Coldplay who we’re wishing get eaten but probably don't), and a video diary showing the two creators supposedly pitching the movie with flow charts. Oh, and Zombie trivia.

Image courtesy of Amazon.com