Now, this is what we're talking about. This is the week in which truly something kick-ass is released, the DVD we've been dying to have for our collection since we plunked down the $200 bucks five years ago for one of these DVD player-type-thingies and thought it was a bargain- the Top Gun Special Collector's Edition. Could it get any more awesomer? Oh yeah, there's also Tom Cruise bucking for an Oscar, Will Smith trying to score a hit during his self-proclaimed "Willenium," and Rocky vs. Clubber Lang. Not to mention the special edition of Return of the King. It's just enough to say that this week is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Return of the King Special Edition- Normally we'd make all sorts of snarky comments about how geeks will buy anything with either swords or laser guns in it but not this week as we're pretty much all over this sucker. We love hobbitses! Peter Jackson actually planned ahead for the DVD releases of the three Lord of the Rings flicks and so filmed scenes he knew would only go in them. For Return of the King, Jackson added over 50 minutes to an already lengthy film, making the actual film portion of Return to be more than four hours. Deleted scenes include a battle between Gandalf and the Witch King, Farimir and Eowyn making more schmoopy eyes at each other, a cameo by Jackson himself, and Sauron's mouth. The biggest news, though, is that it also includes the final confrontation between Gandalf and Sarauman, a scene cut at the last minute from the theatrical release and the only thing Jackson did in the movies that set the Internet world a-whirring with "Worst. Decision. Ever" posts. While these are all quibbles about this most excellent flick and the cut probably necessary to help move the plot line, we would have gladly sacrificed several minutes of hobbits gazing longingly into each other's eyes for this one. You could dose Tom Cruise and Jaime Foxx with five hits of acid each and film it and still not come up with anything nearly as entertaining as Sir Ian and Christopher Lee going at it. You can also order the Return of the King Gift Set.

I, Robot & Collateral- We'd write something about these movies but frankly we just don't care. All we can say is that at least the DVD for I, Robot doesn't include a Will Smith video.

Image courtesy of The Lord of the Rings