We were going to be all like, "we're sooooo above the whole Scott Peterson trial when there's a civil war in the Sudan," but okay, we'll confess, we were frantically hitting the refresh button on our sfgate.com window from 1:30 until about 1:50 p.m. today too.

So yes, the Scott Peterson jury trial is over, after about six and a half months of testimony and argument, and the jury's recommended that the judge sentence Peterson to death. Chalk up another loss to Mark Geragos. (Has this guy actually won anything yet?)

story.1659.oustide.cnnSan Mateo County has only requested the death penalty in five cases over the last decade, including Mr. Peterson's, and this is the first time they've ever imposed it. The judge will either endorse the jury's recommendation or overrule it for a sentence of life without parole at the final sentencing hearing, scheduled for February 25.

Picture of Peterson at the reading of the verdict off courttv.com; picture of throngs of people outside the Redwood City courthouse off cnn.com.