San Francisco’s hep cat of a Board of Supervisor, Matt Gonzalez, made perhaps his final statement as outgoing President of the Board with his latest piece of artwork installed in his office- spray painted on the wall is the statement “Smash the State.” The graffiti was sprayed on by noted graffiti artist Barry McGee and can be seen right over Matt’s desk. One final swipe at Gonzalez’s rival, Mayor Wonderboy, who has been conducting a bit of an anti-graffiti campaign as of late? Fight the Power statement by a politician who almost beat San Francisco’s political establishment? Or ironic meta-statement by a rebel politician who is President of the Board of Supervisors and outlaw graffiti artist respected and well known enough to be asked to make anti-establishment statement in the halls of the establishment? So many possibilities, so many interpretations, but as we’re too hungover today to contemplate it all, we’ll leave it all up to you.

As a member of the Board, Gonzalez has often held art installations in his office, for artists well known and unknown alike. Along with McGee’s bit of graffiti (and by the way, when does graffiti become art? When it’s inside an art studio and not on the 38 Geary? When it’s a little better than your everyday basic “Metallica Rulez” graffiti? When it’s done by white people?), this month’s installation includes the work of another graffiti artist that involves the hanging of five televisions, each showing a different video of young Latinos showing off their tattoos. Roll over DaVinci! Gonzalez has said that once he and his staff moves out, they’ll use their own time and money to paint over the walls which seems fair considering City Hall has been deemed a historical landmark. Either way, here’s hoping Chris “Mad Dog” Daly doesn’t get any ideas from this.

Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle