In another blow to an already failed relationship, Disney has begun ramping up production for Toy Story 3 at their new digital production facilities in Glendale -- meaning that it isn't likely Pixar will ever work with them again after their distribution deal expires next year. As Defamer so diplomatically puts it: "That's right, Steve Jobs, Eisner doesn't need you and your hit-making studio, so feel free to sign up with a rival and make huge piles of cash."

Pixar, located on Hollis Avenue in Emeryville, has been on a rather fantastic run of hits, from the first Toy Story through the current king of the box office, The Incredibles. Disney, on the other hand, hasn't had a hit animated feature since The Lion King, and in fact Disney's Orlando animation studios have been shuttered. Andrew Millstein, who headed those facilities, is now out trying to poach artists from other studios to stock the new Glendale facilities while Michael Eisner is in a court in Delaware. Pixar, on the other hand, is seeing its stock rise based on the success of their latest effort, and also won approval from Emeryville voters to expand their facilities.