Although most people think of DVDs in terms of movies, this week in This Week in DVDs we're primarily going to feature TV shows. And it's not necessarily because this week features only one noteworthy flick (Elf) but because we have a sneaking suspicion that maybe while the big Hollywood flicks make the money, it's the DVDs of TV shows that makes up the bread and butter. After all, there is something a little obsessive about owning DVDs and nothing says obsessive fans more than fans of TV shows. Have you ever been to any TV show chat-rooms? And no, not that we have, but we've heard. Seriously, nothing points out the value of DVDs more than the fact that you could just sit down anytime you want and spend all afternoon watching every single episode of The Andy Griffith Show's First Season (which, yes is being released this week) from start to finish. And other than your Star Wars or your Matrix or your Zoolander. Can you really say that of The Stepford Wives?

Anyways, first here are the only two movies of note-

Elf- Only one person could pull this movie about a human who becomes adopted by Santa and his elves off and that person is Will Ferrell. This movie manages to be all Christmas treacly without making you guilty about it, making it the best recent Christmas flick that doesn't involve alcoholic department store Santas who sodomize Lauren Graham. Comes with the usual bells and whistles- commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, and "elf karoake."

The Chronicles of Riddick- Ah, remember when Vin Diesel was supposed to be the next big action star? Whatever happened to that? This movie is also for anyone who ever wanted to see Vin Diesel star in a movie with Dame Judy Dench.

And now onto the TV shows….