SFist was looking for a book the other day. But we, like, totally couldn't remember what it was called or who the author was. It was really popular, we might have seen it on Oprah or something, and it was about a guy with a thing in the place... yeah, you know. But, I mean, we totally remember the cover. It was blue. Yep, definitely blue. Do you know what book we're talking about?

We suppose that before we annoy the living daylights out of every single bookstore clerk and librarian in the area, we should try Adobe books. Artist Chris Cobb has reorganized the books by cover color. The rainbow browsing scheme might make it hard to find something to read based on your interests but you can be sure that whatever you bring home will match your sofa. You've only got a week until they re-order their books back to a scheme more conducive to locating something by topic. But for now it sure is really gosh-darned pretty.