In all the hubbub about Bush's "mandate," new dark allegations about possible voter fraud in Florida and Ohio, and general wailing about the death of the Democratic party, it's easy to forget the usual state of liberal-on-liberal violence in our very own home town! We've gotta keep an eye on these things -- since the local government's all we've got left now!

So in general, on the supervisor races, it was a good day to either be an incumbent or be the campaign manager for Matty G -- Peskin and Alioto-Pier handily won their races with more than 50%; Ammiano just barely squeaked out of RCV purgatory with 50.3% of his district.

For the other incumbents that were not quite so lucky, let the complicated tallying begin! Lefty Jake McGoldrich is leading over Judge Lillian Sing in the Richmond with 40% of the vote, Elsbernd is at 33%, and Sandoval at 32.7%. And everyone's favorite It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Precinct, District 5? Mirkarimi with 28.6%, Haaland with 14.8%, and Feldstein with 9.2%. RCV totals are being tallied even as we speak, with an announcement of the next round scheduled for 4 p.m (nothing yet, though.)

The other news of note in the supe races? Newsom, lookin' fab above (thanks, Derek!), but not maybe so much with the coattails for his endorsements -- while Alioto-Pier won, Newsom couldn't get Elsbernd solidly in for District 7, Sing came in second, and none of his endorsements got anywhere in District 5 (Sullivan finished fifth; and Waugh, Newsom's number 2 pick, finished fourth). Aw, mayor, don't feel bad -- have a banana.

More bad news for the mayor (and other results) after the jump.

Derek Powazek, photo.