It wouldn't be San Francisco if people weren't deluded into thinking anyone cared what we say. Which is why protest events have been long planned in response to this election. As one coworker pointed out yesterday, "All we have is a choice of which horse to ride to Hell." So don't think people wouldn't have taken to the streets had Kerry been elected.

The major event of the day will be a march put on by Not In Our Name, and will start at Powell and Market streets at 5pm. Smaller, direct-action protests will be flaring up downtown starting this morning and continuing through the day. Offices at 450 Golden Gate, the Phillip Burton Federal Building, were warned yesterday by building management that:

There is a demonstration planned for Wednesday, November 3, 2004 which will initiate (in the morning) from downtown San Francisco and proceed to our location within a few hours. The San Francisco Police Department and Federal Protective Service report that there may be civil disobedience.

We think the 'may' was a bit optimistic, considering the results. If you're interested in joining the protest, or just want to make sure your lunch plans won't get sidetracked, check for the latest news regarding anti-war demonstrations, direct action and just good old Bush bashing.

Lucas Shuman, photo.