In the truly tasteless department, Low Culture tipped us off to the "Apocalypse Now" tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, one of Wild Frontiers "Reel Adventures." Kate Watson of Wild Frontiers, quoted in the UK's Guardian, says:
We're really hoping to catch the eye of City boys with heaps of dosh who are after something that's very different from your average 'follow the flag' guided tour.

Of course the film Apocalypse Now was filmed by Bay Area vintner Francis Ford Coppola and was a production of American Zoetrope, the production company he founded with George Lucas. Apocalypse Now was a re-imagining of Joseph Conrad's , considered a classic of English literature. The documentary on the making of Apocalypse Now, Hearts of Darkness, was filmed and edited by Mr. Coppola's wife, Eleanor.

So if you have "heaps of dosh" (whatever the bloody hell that means) and a taste for reliving the glories of imperialism, go ahead and sign up. You'll be treated to a boat trip up the Mekong river and a helicopter ride complete with Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries on the sound system. SFist would like to point out the film was actually shot almost entirely in the Phillipines, since the United States was still at war with Vietnam at the time. We have not been able to figure out if either LSD or refreshing Sofia canned wine will be provided.

Heart of Darkness