If they cancel an international fashion show that no one's heard of, does it make a sound? The San Francisco International Fashion Week extraganza, originally scheduled for this week, have been postponed until March 2005, supposedly to show solidarity with our striking hotel workers.

Now, SFist is all about , but something about this seems a little weird. First of all, the organizers of the extravaganza refused to name any of the hotels in which they were supposedly having all these glamorous cocktail parties where no one would actually eat any of the food. And the group representing hotel management says that none of their hotels have any record of any International Fashion Week events taking place this week, so no scheduled events have actually been cancelled. And even a Fashion Week promoter said, "The designers don't care about crossing the picket line. They are not paying attention. They are in New York or Milan or out of the country. But other members of the organization were very concerned." Ah, the other members of the organization, we see.

Hmmm. Well, they only had a handful of (non-international) designers lined up, and their big name, Zac Posen, had cancelled at the last minute. Maybe buzz was low since San Francisco had just had a fashion show in August and there's an LA show at the end of the month? Maybe our city's just not as fashion-forward as they'd hoped? So maybe they just decided to conveniently use the unions as an excuse just to postpone the whole thing until they could get bigger people interested next spring? If that's the case (and we hasten to add that we have no idea if it is), it seems a little low to put on the mantle of labor pride just because no one wants to come to your party. In the meantime, all you international fashionistas, your week's free again -- feel free to hang out with us as we wear our ill-fitting hoodies and galoshes for the rain.

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