So you're sitting there at a casual restaurant, sipping a beer or munching on french fries, and over your date's shoulder is a television that just happens to be playing an episode of The Prisoner. While your date is describing their incredibly interesting day at work making phone calls, sending emails, managing spreadsheets and gossiping about coworkers that you've never met, you start to drift off to watch the show...

Are you listening to me? Do you ever listen to a word I say? Don't you care about how my day went? Yeesh. Better to save yourself (or be even more emotionally vindictive) by turning the thing off with TV-B-Gone, a new invention from local techie Mitch Altman. Mitch went ahead and programmed the power off/on codes from nearly every TV that's been manufactured with an infrared remote into a keychain fob. Click the button and it cycles through every combination possible and switches off nearly any television.

Did that terminal cancer patient in the bed next to yours at the hospital turn up the sound on "Passions" too loud? Shut him down! Can't stand the rapid-fire patter accompanying the glacially slow soccer match on Telemundo? Be gone! Trying to catch some Z's at the airport but Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson are going at it on CNN? Shut the douchebags up!

For those of you who want more television, SFist would like to point out that this thing turns on TVs, too.