The Raiders are known for cultivating a bad-boy image. When your creation myth involves going around Oakland bars looking for the biggest, meanest guys you can find in order to field your team, you're going to have some rough sorts. They've been called dirty, cheaters and even criminals. Well, it looks like one former player may have taken it all a little too seriously.

Cole Murdoch Ford, 31, was named in connection with a September 21st drive-by shooting at the home of Roy Horn and Siegfried Fishbacher - otherwise known as Siegfried and Roy, campy Vegas illusionists extraordinaire. Raiders fans will remember Ford missing crucial kicks in the '96 and '97 seasons before being released by the Raiders prior to the '98 season. He is believed to have fired six rounds from a shotgun while driving past the compound, shattering windows but not causing any injuries. Authorities have declined to reveal whether or not Fishbacher or Horn were home at the time.

Ford is believed to be camping or living in motels in southern Nevada. Raiders fans are probably happy to find out it's not Sebastian Janikowski, current Raiders placekicker, who is well known for his brushes with the law. SFist agrees with Uncle Grambo when he says "[T]rying to pop a cap in a mangled cripple's ass is no way to express your disgust."