SexSmarts consists of having players or teams answer questions having to do with all areas of sexual pleasure. The cards used fall into one of four categories -- Bodies, Dirty Talk, Carnal Culture, and Wild Card. The first person to get three correct answers in each of the four categories is a "Sex God/Goddess"; a "Porn Star" is the first to get 12 answers correct in any or all categories (That's us!). Questions range from asking what frottage is (We had no idea) to the favorite sexual position of both French and Americans (We were surprised at this one). We're not gonna tell you the answers; what fun would that be? This game would be great as a sexy party favor at a bachelor/bachelorette party or even for fun on a long plane ride. You can find all of the SmartsCo games at the following places:


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*Elephant Pharmacy
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*Ideal Stationers
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