Some things just go with certain places: clocks with the Swiss, bagels and New York, Arizona and snowbirds. Occasionally you encounter something that claims to be from one place even though it is clearly from another.

Such is the case with the allegedly New York band, Scissor Sisters, who performed at the Fillmore last night. Professing to be the cure for the crowd’s Folsom Street Fair hangovers, the Scissor Sisters spent two hours conclusively proving that they are, at heart, a San Francisco band. It also became apparent that S.F. is a city that loves to dance, which meshed well with the disco/Elton John hybrid music that has become the band’s signature style. Singer Ana Matronic got her start at the Tranny Shack, and dedicated songs to the ‘girls’ who taught her how to do her hair and make up. Really, what could possibly be more San Francisco than that?

To the Scissor Sisters, SFist pleads: admit you’re a San Francisco band. Everybody else already knows you are.