Sipping our coffee and doing the morning blog rounds we stumbled on this short item in Gizmodo - it looks like the boss will finally be able to see through your lame "I'm sick and laid up in bed" excuse when in fact you're halfway to Palm Springs. How? With GPS TimeTrack technology from Mountain View's Xora Software Systems, that's how.

Taking Big Brother to the next level, if you carry around a Nextel company phone you could end up being watched with global positioning satellites at any time, day or night. That's right, they'll know whether you went to Yee's Barbecue or stopped short and went in the Lusty Lady instead. And if you're not freaked out enough already, there's this quote from Xora CEO Sanjay Shirol that should scare the holy s**t out of you: "There's no electro shock--yet."

That's right, welcome to the new world order people. Not only can your boss call you wherever you might happen to be enjoying a beer and the company of the scantily clad, but they'll know that the pulsing dance music in the background isn't a car driving by and eventually they'll be able to shock you after you've lied to them about what you're up to.