Brian over at Jockzilla tipped us off to this little gem from Raiders defensive lineman Warren Sapp, quoted on the issue of living in San Francisco instead of Oakland in Sports Illustrated's upcoming issue on September 27th:

Why would I not live in the city? It's like New York instead of New Jersey. It's a reverse commute too. The best part is the food. There's a sushi spot in the Castro I like. I want to be treated like every other customer. It's why I go to sushi restaurants. They don't care who I am.

First of all, we'd like to point out that whichever sushi place Warren Sapp frequents, we want to eat there, too. Not just because we might run into a nine-time pro-bowler, but because SFist generally trusts the culinary opinions (if not the nutritional advice) of multi-millionares who weigh three-hundred pounds and have a taste for reefer. That must be some good ass sushi. Anyone know which place he's talking about? We want to ask the chef what his favorites are!

Warren and the Raiders take on his old team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this Sunday. John "Chucky" Gruden better not stray too close to the sideline after calling for a sweep.