Let's see -- you're a psychotic, drug-addled rock star just out of rehab and out on bail who has also just recently been hospitalized for some mysterious ailment. So what do you do? Go on tour, of course. Yep, believe it or not, tickets go on sale this Sunday for the one and only Courtney Love at the Fillmore on October 26th. Yeah, like nothing bad is gonna happen.

Frankly, we're totally amazed that she's even touring. Actually, we're totally amazed she's still alive. We saw her way back when, before she was "Courtney Love" and she was so drunk she couldn't even smash her guitar. Now she's looking a bit better for wear, all botoxed up and so respectable, but we're still expecting nothing but total train wreck. Which actually is kind of the point of seeing the show now isn't it? After all, nothing's more Zeitgeist-y these days than out-of-control drunken rich girls, and nobody quite does out-of-control-drunken rich girl like Ms. Love. She's pretty much the one who set the standard, and being onstage is when she is at her out-of-control drunken rich girl best. Since it's not like we're going to get a chance to attend one of Britney's many weddings; go clubbing with Tara, Paris and Lindsey; or do rehab with the Olsen Twins, seeing Courtney in concert is the closest thing we have to touching the Zeitgeist. And isn't that what life's all about?