Barry Bonds has done it! Steven Williams of Pacifica emerged from the scrum with the ball, which some have valued at two million bucks. SFist hopes that a least a little of that scrilla ends up in the hands of La Casa de las Madres.

If you're interested in having a totally cool title and an excuse to read this blog carefully, apply to be the Ombudsman.

Food and drink returns to the Cliff House. We'd been waiting so long to be overcharged in order to take in the view.

The EssEfficist has a first hand account of a heterosexual woman trolling for casual sex on Craigslist, bolstering the false hopes of hundreds of heterosexual men trolling for casual sex on Craigslist. Too bad they can't f**k dead people anymore.

SFist will be busy celebrating both the High Holy days and the Moon Festival this week. If you're not invited to either feast, head out to the first ever Valencia Street Fair instead.


The City is so full of talented people doing wonderful things. We profiled two, The Count and Heather Champ, this week.